REALCO is participating in the capital increase of its medical subsidiary, OneLife, created in January 2015, to the tune of €500.000 to help it continue its development.

Louvain-la-Neuve, 23 October 2017 – With more than 20 years of research and commercial operations under its belt, REALCO has become the essential partner for all customers who want to optimise the hygiene of their facilities and avoid the presence of biofilms (bacterial nests), the main sources of contamination.

In January 2015, REALCO created a subsidiary specifically dedicated to the medical field and hospitals; the company OneLife SA, capitalised not only by REALCO but also by private and public investors.

OneLife has developed REALCO’s enzymatic technology to offer hospitals, medical practices and dentists specific hygiene products to identify and eliminate biofilms on medical devices such as endoscopes and surgical instruments.

Biofilm, an extremely tough shell that protects 99% of existing bacteria, is the main source of infection in hospitals and, until now, there has been no effective solution to completely eliminate biofilm, resulting in a significant increase in bacterial resistance to standard disinfectants.

The solutions offered by OneLife are therefore particularly appreciated in the medical sector as they provide an effective response to a worrying problem. Already in use in several renowned hospitals in Europe and Asia, mainly for the cleaning of endoscopes and other medical devices, OneLife’s enzymatic products are convincing more and more hygienists and other professionals.

In order to accelerate its international growth and to continue its development of innovative solutions in new areas of the medical sector, a capital increase of €2,300,000 was carried out thanks to a new contribution from the historical private shareholders and a cash contribution of €500,000 from REALCO.

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