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Hygiene, a crucial factor for the dairy industry

Whether you produce milk for drinking, milk powder or concentrate, cream, butter, cheese, yoghurt, whey, casein and lactose or ice cream, food safety is a priority. With such a wide range of customers from the retail sector to the secondary processing sector and with a large export market, the dairy industry has to offer high quality products supported by manufacturing processes that are unquestionably hygienic.


Optimise the level of food safety by avoiding the risk of contamination

Ensure the organoleptic quality of food and extend the product shelf life

Increase the efficiency of your facilities and preserve your equipment

Manage ancillary costs by avoiding recalls and reducing waste


A complete range of professional detergents

At each stage in the production process, Realco supports you with unique enzymatic solutions for cleaning your mixers, fermentation tanks or pasteurisers (CIP) or surfaces (OPC) to ensure quality production, from both a technological and microbiological perspective.

If you have membrane filtration equipment, Realco helps you to increase their yield and extend the life span of your equipment with a complete and targeted product range.

Working with such fresh and sensitive products can lead to significant risks of microbiological contamination in the facilities. Contamination can result in ruined production batches, product recalls or worse still, the market launch of a contaminated product.

Biofilm is often the main cause of contamination of dairy products. The most common bacteria are Bacillus licheniformis, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Pseudomonas fragi and Staphylococcus aureus.

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Our solutions cover the entire dairy industry

industrie laitière
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