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Enzymes under the microscope

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins, i.e. a chain of amino acids produced by a living organism.

Enzymes are found everywhere in nature and also in our bodies. They play a vital role in our life cycle (for example in our digestive system).

Are enzymes living?

No. Enzymes are not living. It’s made by a living organism, but it’s not living, it doesn’t eat, and it doesn’t die.

Where do enzymes come from?

The enzymes used in Realco solutions come from bacteria, yeasts or fungi. As they are obtained by fermentation, they are 100% renewable and biodegradable.

What is enzyme activity?

The activity of enzymes depends on the environment in which they are found.

  • If this is too cold or too acidic, activity is low.
  • In too hot or in too extreme a pH, the enzyme deforms and then becomes inactive.
  • Once it has split a number of times, it is worn out and becomes inactive.

Lipase, protease, amylase, etc.?

There are as many types of enzymes as there are organic molecules. Realco rigorously selects the most efficient enzymes to effectively eliminate the contaminants present in your sectors: fat, protein, starch, etc.

Key Facts

Enzymes in a few figures



molecules cut
per second



of continuous activity



to your skin


of natural origin
& biodegradable


The action of Enzymes

How do enzymes work?

Enzymes work like a pair of scissors cutting organic molecules into water-soluble microparticles.

Why are enzymatic solutions more effective than traditional chemistry?

For all organic soiling, the enzyme is much more effective than
petrochemical solutions. The enzymatic detergent irreversibly transforms organic soiling
into water-soluble residues (hydrolysis). This makes the enzyme an ultra-powerful cleaning agent!



Conventional detergent

Reversible result

The water disappears, the detergent dries and the grease is redeposited further on



Enzymatic detergent

Irreversible result


The water disappears, the fat molecule is no more and only organic residues remain


9 Good Reasons to Clean with a Realco Enzymatic Detergent


+ Effective

An enzyme is a catalyst and boosts the performance of cleaning solutions

économie d'énergie

Energy saving

Optimum efficiency between 35°C and 55°C

préservation de la santé

Preserves your Health

Enzymatic solutions are active in neutral pH and protect your skin

qualité microbiologique

Microbiological quality

Enzyme efficiency provides exceptional microbiological results and helps prevent the risk of bacterial contamination

préservation des équipements

Preserves your equipment

The enzyme offers non-corrosive solutions and preserves surfaces and equipment from the erosion of time



The enzyme is a biobased, renewable and biodegradable component

impact positif sur les eaux des rivières

Positive impact

The enzyme accelerates the degradation of organic matter that pollutes our rivers.

prévention des colmatages

Prevents clogging

Daily use of enzymatic solutions helps maintain your pipes and prevent blockages

Risk management

Enzymatic cleaning enhances allergen risk management