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Food Industry • Food Services & Retail • Healthcare

Food safety is an essential requirement at every stage of the production chain. Discover a unique and patented methodology to audit facilities, treat and prevent bacterial contamination.


Enzymes for

membrane filtration

Food Industry

Realco offers a complete range of products adapted to the type of units and degree of contamination, plus tailor-made support that allows manufacturers to increase the performance of their filters and reduce the costs of cleaning, water and energy while extending the lifespan of the membranes.

Enzymes for

Conscious Cleaning

Food Industry • Food Services & Retail • Healthcare

The biorevolution of hygiene: how to optimize your hygiene while preserving our resources. Enzymes represent a first step towards sustainability and our mission is to support every manager in their work, allowing them to meet their goals.

Enzymes for


At home

Homedetox is the positive way to clean. The eezym range of enzyme-based products allows you to clean your home effectively and sustainably while protecting your health and that of your children.

Enzymes for

Water treatment

Food Industry • Food Services & Retail • Healthcare

The use of enzyme-based products helps protect the environment by naturally accelerating the biodegradation of organic matter. Discover how our tailor-made packages can provide you with a solution for each of your facilities.


A Unique Synergy

Our solutions

For your sector

industrie agroalimentaire

Food Industry

restauration et retail

Catering & Retail



a la maison

At home

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) – RSE (Association for Social Responsibility)

Our Commitments
for Sustainable Hygiene

Zero Hunger

Reducing food waste

Enzyme-based cleaning prolongs the shelf life of finished products and helps REDUCE FOOD WASTE.


Good Health and Well-Being

Safety and well-being

Being pH-neutral, enzyme-based products protect the HEALTH OF USERS


Clean Water and Sanitation

Positive impact on water

Water treatment is part of Realco’s history and we strive for a positive impact on water, both in our own operations and with our customers

Thanks to their natural splitting action, enzymes help with the PRE-PURIFICATION OF WASTEWATER


Decent Work and Economic Growth

Sustainable economic growth

Our vision and track record of healthy organic growth helps create sustainable local employment.


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


The enzyme is a force of nature that opens the door to many INNOVATIONS IN HYGIENE.


Climate Action

Net Zero Emission

Belgian Alliance for Climate Action

We are committed to drastically reducing our carbon emissions in order to achieve zero emissions by 2050.


Life Below Water


We maintain a higher standard than current environmental regulations. We follow a strict framework on the composition and biodegradability of our formulations.

Enzymes reduce the ECOTOXICITY of our cleaning formulas and preserve aquatic life.


Life on Land

Preserving our resources

Our formulas are designed and developed to meet label requirements and thus preserve biodiversity.


Partnerships for the Goals


We have set up many internal and external collaborations in order to carry out our various innovation projects.

papa faisant la vaisselle avec ses enfants
Marianne E. – eezym customer

Hi, I’m just sending you this message to thank you for the quality of your eezym products. They have changed my life and I’m not exaggerating. I save an incredible amount of time. My floors have never (literally never) looked so good. In short, I’m a huge fan and I tell everyone about them (whether they want me to or not). I’ve used the multi-purpose cleaner so far and have just bought the dishwashing spray. I can’t wait to use it.

industrie laitière
Dairy industry customer

My targets were to increase production times to maintain protein yields and cut the washing time. Realco’s filtration audit showed clear signs of fat that was slowing down productivity. I changed my protocols with highly formulated products and achieved above average water flows.

Sam & Evelien Butchers

We have been using Realco products since November 2021 and are already very happy with the outcome! With our previous products, we had stains on everything and there was a kind of film on our equipment, but since we started using Realco products, the film has disappeared. We can clean much more easily: dirt no longer sticks and floor joints have regained their original colour

chefs dans une cuisine
Laetitia Paquignon – Head of washing up – Central Kitchen of the Amboise and Château Renault Hospitals

We used to use a highly corrosive product containing caustic soda. Realco’s products have significantly improved comfortable working. I no longer have the skin problems I had before.

industrie agro-alimentaire
Testimonial from a customer in the meat sector

The shelf life of our fresh beef burgers was quite limited when we used conventional cleaning products. Thanks to Realco’s enzymatic treatments, the shelf life has increased from 11 to 23 days! This has allowed us to optimise the supply chain and reduce food waste.

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