Final product development

The work carried out in our innovation department is based on the continuous improvement of our solutions and services. Incremental innovation to ensure ever better quality, performance and safety. Research tinged with resilience, allowing us to respond quickly to the requirements of tomorrow.

At the same time, we are working on various more fundamental research projects in order to achieve technological BREAKTHROUGHS.


Technology watch 

Based on our vision and targets, we collect and process data from safe, reliable and diverse sources: universities, industries, suppliers, market analyses, partners, customers and. experts, etc. The real sharing of information takes place through all our departments and via our partnerships.



We compile all the technical requirements and constraints of the solution sought. Not forgetting to integrate functional, economic, industrial, environmental and safety requirements, etc.



We identify avenues and pre-formulate solutions according to the initial diagnostics and research work. Our research now includes eco-design.


Market launch

Our teams of experts in product regulation, communication and marketing then ensure that they are brought to market in collaboration with the sales teams.


Proof-of-Concept (POC)

A prototyping and field testing phase to put theory into practice. We establish a precise test perimeter (customers, scope, etc.) to evaluate, adjust and then validate the solutions.


Component selection

A phase of identification and selection of the most effective substances depending on the applications sought. During this fourth stage, our scientific experts carry out numerous efficiency and physico-chemical stability tests.




Solving concrete and complex problems such as water treatment, biodegradability of detergents, biofilms, fouling of membrane filtration systems, etc. thanks to new prisms of tested and approved hygiene solutions.


Improving, enriching and boosting the performance of our products and services through incremental innovation. We continuously optimise our solutions by rethinking the hygiene of tomorrow and adapting our offer accordingly.Learn more about our processes and patents

New Product & Services introduction

Proposing disruptive innovations for hygiene in the service of the socio-ecological transition. We work on forward-looking projects through collaborative and ideative research.

Learn more about our patents and processes

The living world is our source of inspiration!

The living world has existed for almost 4 billion years and has experienced periods of growth and crisis. The adaptability of living organisms is quite exceptional. The tools of the organic world are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.


We consider life itself to be a fabulous enterprise! This is why we are firmly convinced that it is the answer to the challenges of our society today.

At Realco, we take our cue from nature and study the living world in all its forms to create effective hygiene solutions that are compatible with people and their environment.

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