Research & Development

Over 100 m² dedicated to innovation. State-of-the-art equipment and a specific team of experts for research, formulation and quality control.

Our scientists are specialised in the fields of chemistry, bioengineering, environmental sciences and microbiology. Additional, valuable expertise that allows Realco to innovate in different sectors of activity.

Skills & Methodologies:

  • Formulation based on biosourced, enzymatic and probiotic compounds
    • Enzymology 
    • Microbiology
    • Chemical and physico-chemical spectral analysis
  • Regulatory affairs and certifications
  • Industrial research
    • Biofilm expertise
    • Membrane filtration expertise
    • Eco-design expertise (packaging, biodegradability, etc.)
Femme qui manipule des fioles de produits dans un laboratoire


Technical expertise

Beyond the development of new formulations, our technical expertise department is constantly looking for new methodologies, protocols and innovative equipment to optimise the use of Realco solutions.

We have field scientists and specialist technicians ready to challenge the lab. Their role is to put theory into practice to test, analyse, optimise and validate our formulations.

Our experts work in tandem with our sales departments to ensure that our solutions are consistent and appropriate for your needs and targets.

They also ensure technological monitoring by bringing back the latest information from the field, as well as the new problems encountered by our customers. They are real investigators, essential to our innovation division, who underpin the performance and sustainability of our formulae.

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Business Development

The marketing and sales division coordinates all operations and catalyses the innovation process. Find new growth levers by analysing market trends and the needs of potential or existing customers. Set targets and define a strategy by evaluating all the data. To finally establish, implement and monitor short and long-term action plans.

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