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Welcoming new members to the Realco Board

Exciting new additions to our leadership Team

We’re excited to announce two new members to our board: Aline Le Clef from Sodexo and Nathalie Guillaume from Danone. Their expertise in sustainability and corporate responsibility will help us advance our mission to create high-performance, eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Introducing our new board members

Aline Le Clef: Strategic Insight from Sodexo

Firstly, Aline Le Clef brings a rich background from Sodexo, where her innovative strategies and leadership drove transformation. Her skills in Strategy, Marketing, and Corporate Responsibility will be key as we develop sustainable cleaning solutions.

Nathalie Guillaume: Sustainability Expertise from Danone

Similarly, Nathalie Guillaume joins us with extensive experience from Danone. She has a strong track record in Leadership, Stakeholder Engagement, and integrating Sustainability into business strategies. Her ability to build impactful projects and partnerships aligns well with Realco’s values and objectives.

Acknowledging Bernard Jolly

Moreover, since last year, Bernard Jolly from NOMAINVEST has provided valuable support to Realco. His contributions have been instrumental in achieving our goals, and we look forward to his continued input.

Strengthening our board for the future

Overall, the combined experience and knowledge of Aline and Nathalie will enhance our board and support Realco’s vision for the future. Their insights will be pivotal in navigating the ecological transition and fostering sustainable growth.

Furthermore, we extend our sincere thanks to Thierry Levintoff and Jean-Luc Heymans for their significant contributions over the past years. Their dedication has been greatly appreciated.

With Aline Le Clef and Nathalie Guillaume joining our board, Realco is set to continue its journey toward innovation and sustainability. We are eager to work together and achieve new milestones in our mission to create a cleaner, more sustainable world. Welcome, Aline and Nathalie, and thank you, Thierry and Jean-Luc, for your invaluable support.

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